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About Eikōn Professional Services, LLC
Eikōn Professional Services (EPS) of Laurel, MD is owned and operated by Dr. Sandra Aljami. She is a consultant, licensed clinical professional counselor and board approved clinical supervisor with well over 16 years experience in the behavioral health field. Other trainers and process consultants join her in this rewarding work.  

As a process consultant, Dr. Aljami has worked with many organizations providing soft skills training, goal setting strategies, and mental health sensitivity training.

It was during Sandra's counseling psychology master’s degree program in 1999 that she came to realize an essential gap in the counseling program content, how to study for the Comprehensive Exam (Comps) and the National Counseling Examination (NCE).  This inspired Sandra to fill the gap by providing students, graduates, universities and mental health agencies with the strategies needed to navigate a path to confidently master the NCE and CPCE content. Since the company’s inception, they have assisted hundreds towards this end with exceptional success.
Eikōn Professional Services, LLC
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