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What We Do
We are consultants to businesses, individuals and universities providing training, strategies and resources, that bridge gaps between underachievement and desired outcomes.   Eikōn  Professional Services provide our clients the following services:


Serving the community since 2000, we have a commitment to being a bridge for a deeper understanding to organizations, mental health communities and universities. As consultants, Eikōn Professional Services is committed to helping people and organizations forge lasting relationships that bring about change and growth.


Eikōn Professional Services began offering NCE Preparatory Workshops and Comprehensive Exam reviews to students and partnering with universities in 2005. Passing the NCE and CPCE takes preparation and we provide a strengths-based curriculum that empowers participants to feel confident in successfully mastering the material to pass the exams.

We provide the NCE and CPCE preparatory workshops at our office in Laurel, MD, on campus at universities, at mental health agencies, and government agencies.

The mental health community is growing and in need of skilled and compassionate practitioners.  Additionally, we offer experiential sensitivity training to mental health professionals and families to enhance confidence in working with persons who are experiencing auditory hallucinations.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is essential to helping supervisees integrate the therapeutic process and actualize their learning experiences. At Eikōn  Professional Services, all clinical supervisors are Maryland Board Approved.  We provide individual and group supervision at our Laurel, MD office and mental health agencies.

Universities that have partnered
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